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EXAM Transport & Co. is a Global Life Science Logistics firm, specifically catering to the BioPharma, Chemical & Aircraft Industries + U.S. DoD applications, directly involved in custom-tailoring logistics solutions to the cold-chain-transportation cycle of Raw Materials, Clinical Trial Materials, Controlled Substances, Category A Infectious Substances, Category B Biological Substances & UNOS Registered Vital Organs. EXAM operates exclusively on a contractual-client basis.

EXAM Transport & Co.

EXAM Transport & Co.

Fax 24/7` 1-800-479-EXAM
Clients 24/7` 1-800-285-EXAM PIN#
DAL :: Dallas` 1-469-616-EXAM
ORD :: Chicago` 1-872-225-EXAM
TYS :: Knoxville` 1-865-924-EXAM
CAK :: Cleveland` 1-234-260-EXAM
LAX :: Los Angeles` 1-323-786-EXAM
JFK :: New York, NY` 1-212-203-EXAM
client confidentiality. superior client service. 
institutional quality. enterprise speed.

Bloomberg Corporate Profile

EXAM Transport is a TSA/DOHS – Approved Indirect Air Carrier with Next Flight Out Capability to Known Shippers [2012-2019] FLDOH ID#7711. 
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